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Brand Strategy

In order to create added value for a product or service, it is necessary to formulate a brand strategy. Value-added refers to all the experiences, feelings, associations, and information that make one willing to spend a certain amount of money in order to own that brand.

In order to define a brand strategy, it is necessary to analyze the competition and market opportunities, conduct marketing research, define creative elements (logo, typography, photos, etc.), have a clear mission statement and a way of positioning in the minds of consumers, with a well-designed marketing strategy.

Brand strategy means designing a successful brand development process to achieve marketing and business goals. Adequate brand strategy gives the organization an edge in the market.

A brand strategy is closely linked to a brand design that involves the creation of a name, symbol and complete design that makes your product and / or service different from others.

The integral elements of brand strategy are defining the mission and vision of the brand, brand identity (name, logo, slogan, color, brand personality), brand architecture, brand positioning.

Corporate Branding

Do you need an associate to create a corporate brand?

A corporate brand can be described as a characteristic of an organization that makes it recognizable. One of the components of corporate branding is visual identity. The first step in creating a visual identity is to (re)design the logo.

After the logo, we also create a certain visual style that will best represent your organization or product / service, which will be represented in addition to the logo in all the accompanying elements of corporate identity: business cards, flyers, posters, catalogs, brochures, folders, visuals for social media, website …

Do you want a striking visual identity?

If you are in the dilemma of presenting what you are doing, choosing the visuals that best reflect your love of the business you are doing, if you are in the dilemma of how to become recognizable and how to build your brand, we will help you. We will create a complete visual identity for the needs of projects, conferences and other events.

If you already have a corporate identity designed, we can provide you with branding services – applying pre-existing corporate identity to all promotional materials.

Employer Branding

An organization can be judged on the basis of its employees. Good companies attract and retain the best talent, and talented people want to work for them because they feel they have been given opportunities that are better than any other organization. 

A shared sense of organizational culture can trigger exceptional levels of motivation, loyalty and productivity. This combination of diverse abilities and cultural identity helps to attract the “right” kind of talent.

The question is how to define the qualities that make an organization special. And, once defined, the question arises of how to communicate, shape and measure these qualities. For many of the world’s leading employers, the answer to this question is employer brand management. Managing an employer brand allows you to save time and money by focusing your marketing efforts on the right talents.

Do you want to become a desirable employer? Contact us and we will help.

City and Municipality Branding

Developing city branding strategies and managing the reputation of cities and municipalities can be a big challenge, especially since these types of projects are ultimately aimed at economic development, attracting foreign investment and creating a highly competitive environment, that is, driving potential in the city / municipality towards creating recognition in the location market . This recognition is the basis for building and developing a strong brand.  Placing a new city brand will change the perception of that city. Clear and creative campaigns will help achieve the goals of local economic development. The task of branding a city is to exert a positive influence on the perception and experience of these target groups so that they visit the city and invest or spend as much money in it.

Do you want to encourage the development of your city?
If you strive to attract the best talent, encourage foreign investment, or develop tourism, intensive promotion of the venue will help achieve those goals.

A well-branded city has the following advantages:
• It is a good place to live in
• It is clearly positioned in the minds of tourists and / or investors
• It has a good market position
• Retains talent
• It offers defined benefits to the population and visitors

The city branding process takes 6 to 9 months and consists of five stages:
  1. Training and forming a project team
  2. Field research
  3. Data analysis and reporting
  4. Formulation and implementation of brand strategy
  5. Measurement of results
In addition to branding cities, we also offer branding of tourist destinations. The success of a tourist destination is unthinkable without branding i.e. without developing a distinctive, unique, destination brand. There is intense competition in the market, so destinations that have not built and positioned their brand have a very low chance of success.

If you have decided to encourage economic development through marketing, we are here to support you.

Take the first step to change today – contact us.

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